The new Jeep Compass available from Lagers Incorporated capability features are ideal for on and off-road driving.


On the main road or in the backwoods, Selec-Terrain adapts your Compass to changing driving conditions. The engine performance, shifting, and power distribution to the driving wheels vary to keep you going on any driving surface.

Hill Descent Control

Whether it's a steep Saint Peter street or a mountainside, Hill Descent Control gets your Compass to the bottom safely. Hill Descent Control regulates braking and acceleration when descending an incline.

More Traction Delivered More Efficiently

The Compass suspension allows maximum up and down wheel movement (articulation), providing the most traction possible. That traction is powered by a 2.4L engine capable of towing 2,000 pounds while getting 31 highway miles per gallon.

Greater Maneuverability

Compass' nimble responsiveness is advantageous wherever you drive. Compass maneuverability makes it easy to negotiate the trail and traffic.

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